Versace, Jimmy Choo and parent company Michael Kors to donate designer items to Ukrainian war victims

Global luxury fashion group Capri Holdings Limited (NYSE:CPRI) has announced that it will donate more than €1 million of essential clothing needs such as coats, sweaters and shoes from the group’s prestigious brands – Versace, Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors – through the company. distribution center located in Venlo, the Netherlands. The initiative is to help war refugees, mainly women, who are displaced and move all over Europe in search of accommodation and work and often travel only with a backpack.

The group has joined an initiative in Venlo, a Dutch town in the southeast of the Netherlands, close to the border with Germany, to distribute the goods. Together with Venlo Helps Ukraine, Capri Holdings will use collection points set up by the local charity to deliver clothing, medical supplies, non-perishable food and other essentials for distribution in Poland and across the border. Ukrainian. Venlo Helps Ukraine, supported by volunteers and volunteer transport, also accepts monetary donations to help displaced people. They provide logistics by helping to organize accommodation for refugees in Poland and transporting refugees from the Ukrainian border to Poland.

Aiding in the transport of goods is Autotrasporti Rutilli Adolfo Srl, an Italy-based transport and logistics company operating for over thirty years in the fashion supply chain. They support the effort with free trucking services to Poland.

Once in Poland, the donated products will be distributed by A Shop Without Cash Registers, an organization located in Brwinów, Poland. The organization was founded by two Polish women in their homes looking for a way to help people in need. As the operation grew, the Galeria Brwinów shopping center provided the initiative with free space to continue its work by organizing products and placing them on hangers to give refugees a more comfortable and convenient way to find the items they needed most. Clothing donated by Capri Holdings will be made available to Ukrainians who fled the country after Putin’s Russian army invaded the neighboring country without provocation.

Clothing can meet both physical and mental needs; alas, clothes make the man in many ways. A Shop Without Cash Registers has expanded to a second location focused on legal aid, offering insurance application assistance, temporary employment services, childcare and more. Ukraine’s currency has fallen significantly since the start of the war, which has compounded the problems of refugee women.

In many ways, the approach is certainly novel. Many luxury companies have chosen to make large monetary donations to organizations such as UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency. But maybe giving away a product that already exists and could be from new or unsold stock is perhaps a more circular approach to the problem. Finding three trusted key partners, such as Venlo Helps Ukraine, Rutiili and A Shop With Cash Registers to make the concept possible is also key to this approach. With new wares of this value passing through many hands, those prone to malevolence may see an opportunity. Not everyone who came to the Ukrainian border did so with benevolent intent.

It may seem ironic to some when names such as Versace, Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors draw images of sexy skimpy dresses, high heels and luxurious cashmere sweaters as a result. But the practical product deals currently on the brand’s websites range from warm Versace hoodies starting at $295 to Jimmy Choo sneakers and rain boots starting at $475 to Michael Kors backpacks starting at $358. $, sweaters at $175 and a faux leather anorak at $395.

Putting luxury labels on the backs of refugees may also be a marketing gamble that, if won, would make them memorable for helping with a touch of retail therapy during these dark times for Ukrainians. Bringing a moment of joy to the lucky recipient of these expensive goods is proof of the power of fashion.

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