Two Minnesota wrecks could have been caused by distracted drivers

Foley, MN (KROC AM News) – Distracted driving may have played a role in two serious crashes in Minnesota.

A Sauk Rapids man was seriously injured Thursday night after his car collided with another vehicle whose driver may have been using his cell phone.

State Patrol said Brad Eager, 49, was driving in rural Benton County when an approaching vehicle swerved over the center line to avoid backing up a car that had stopped to make a turn. State Patrol said Eager’s injuries were life threatening. The other vehicle was driven by Carter Beckler, 20, of Staples. He suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The State Patrol report says Beckler may be to blame for the sinking: “Distracted driving due to cell phone use is suspected for the driver of the Ford.” It was the vehicle Beckler was driving.

The other wreckage occurred Wednesday night in rural Carver County and may have been caused by a teenager who “I looked at a cell phone.”

State Patrol said the 17-year-old veered in the center of the road and slipped a tow truck aside. His vehicle then collided with a semi-trailer. The state patrol report says the teenager was taken to hospital with unknown injuries. Two 17-year-old passengers in his vehicle sustained life-threatening injuries.

There was a major distracted driving at Red Wing Thursday night:

Update: The Minnesota DNR will be monitoring impaired boaters over the holiday weekend.

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