The Girlfriend of 50 cents Trolls for allegedly burning the Thanksgiving turkey!

Rapper 50 cents trolling his girlfriend, Cuban link, for allegedly burning the family’s Thanksgiving turkey … and kidding or not, it’s the funniest thing you’ve seen all day!

The “In da Club” rapper took to Instagram and showed off one of the most burnt turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. And… when we say burnt, we mean, left in the oven for hours too long! The picture is hilarious, and Fifty has a full explanation of how it could have happened.

Again, this could have been a joke, but let’s assume it’s not for this story. In the photo, 50 Cent zooms in on the plump bird, which has been hit to such an extent that the entire exterior is a huge layer of black skin.

“I told him a… let the chef cook. she said “no” I want to do it for us. just let me try, now I’m gonna grab a damn turkey cheese sandwich and lay down, ” the rapper joked. Of course, the internet trolling king tagged his model girlfriend Cuban Link, blaming her for the situation.

See the 50 cent burnt Thanksgiving turkey !! Whose fault is it …


She responded in the comments section with a bunch of punches and a perfect response to the pictures, “lmaooo”.

The comments on Instagram are almost as good as the photo itself. Let’s just give the best ones below:

“They have a sagging Thanksgiving leather turkey,” a person wrote. Another added: “Turkey has a leather coat!

Best of all, “Oh no! No Black Patten leather turkey and domineering turkey! “

The 50 cent turkey has a black leather jacket !!

The Girlfriend of 50 cents Trolls for allegedly burning the Thanksgiving turkey!

Interestingly, 50 Cent recently made headlines for its connection to a doctor who was just sentenced to 7 years in prison for pleading guilty to 56 counts of healthcare fraud. Dr Moses DeGraft-Johnson was convicted of billing Capital Health Plan, Medicare and patients from underserved communities for procedures he never performed at his now defunct Heart Clinic in Florida.

Surprisingly, the same doctor is credited with saving the rapper’s life in 2000, after the “BMF” producer was rushed to a trauma center in Queens, New York, with multiple gunshot wounds. Fifty’s survival is something he’s been rapping in his lyrics for decades.

It might be a joke, but it’s still hilarious!

The Girlfriend of 50 cents Trolls for allegedly burning the Thanksgiving turkey!

“I have a hell of a doctor! WTF, you got my name in these bulls – for a con artist. The fucking wrong with you. LOL, ”50 tweeted at the time. At first, the doctor was credited with saving the rapper’s life, but the relationship between the two deteriorated after the doctor sued the rapper for an unpaid hospital bill worth $ 32,000 after he became a famous rapper.

Either way, 50 Cent can afford to have a private chef do all of his cooking for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other holidays he chooses – and we’re guessing that’s exactly what he’s doing! Still, the picture is hilarious.

Let’s see this again!

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