Star Trek brings a trend of discovery to the TNG era


Star Trek: Lower Decks hilariously introduces a Discovery fashion trend into the next-gen era, but are other Starfleet ships following suit?

Have you spotted the Star Trek: Lower Bridges a season 2 tribute to the fashion trends of the Discovery era? From the very beginning, Star Trek: Lower Bridges has been Easter Egg Heaven for Trekkies (and, indeed, Trekkers) of all generations, but Season 2 gives references a boost. In Star Trek: Lower Bridges “wej Duj” from season 2 alone, Bradward Boimler doing his best “Spock from Star Trek V“, the Vulcan woman bears similarities to Kim Cattrall’s Valeris, and the Klingon scenes delve deeply into their warrior culture.

“wej Duj” takes place on a long chain journey, where the crew of the Cerritos get a well-deserved rest on their return flight. Tendi spends the day rock climbing with a senior officer, Rutherford spends the day pottery with a senior officer, Boimler spends the day lying to a senior officer and Mariner spends the day competing with a senior officer who happens to be his mother. . And it’s his mother who connects Star Trek: Lower Bridges To Star Trek: Discovery.

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While Carol Freeman spends rare time between her mother and daughter with Beckett Mariner, Captain Cerritos can be seen wearing a dark blue t-shirt with “RITOS” across the chest. His casual clothes are a blatant parody of the Discovery crew, who wear identical leisure t-shirts, but with “DISCO” on the front instead. Shirts have become something of a commodity feel among Star Trek fans, and the new RITOS variant can already be found for sale online.

Sonequa Martin Green as Burnham and Mary Wiseman as Tilly in Star Trek Discovery

In addition to being a top-draw Star Trek Easter eggs, Lower decks The RITOS Season 2 t-shirt connects two very different eras in the franchise. Star Trek: Discovery begins in 2256, while Lower decks takes place near The The next generation period of 2380, more than a century after the Discovery crew became DISCO. For this reason, Star Trek: Lower Bridges rarely indulges in any references to Discovery (although Boimler did mention ships disappearing from the Starfleet archives), sticking largely to Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager for fuel Easter eggs instead. Captain Freeman’s RITOS t-shirt is clearly designed as a joke but, in canonical terms, it’s a curious connection between the 23rd and 24th centuries. Either Carol’s wardrobe is really late, or Starfleet didn’t change their “personal time” outfits as much as the main uniforms. Alternatively, the RITOS shirts can highlight how Starfleet treats the Cerritos like a second-class ship, which could explain why Picard’s Enterprise and Voyager don’t have theirs.

Star Trek: Lower BridgesRITOS T-shirts ask the most important question: If every ship in Starfleet had them, what would they say? The Enterprise would probably have ENTER, or for Jean-Luc Picard’s crew, ENTER-D. Sulu’s Excelsior gets EXCEL in a snap to Bill Gates, then you can use YAGER, GRISS, VENGE, FIANT, K-TOWN, FARRA, REPID and, uh … TITAN. All of the above would make great t-shirts, both for the hard-working Starfleet team member who enjoys downtime, and for the forward-thinking. Star Trek fan looking to emulate their favorite characters without donning a bright yellow sweater at the supermarket.

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