Sneakers Coin disrupts the footwear industry

When Steven Deneve ventured into the footwear business a few years ago, he had absolutely no idea that the mere thought of selling sneakers would merge with technology to become one of the world’s most promising concepts. Business. Well, Steven is your typical Gen Z member; he loves technology and fashion. He started selling sneakers in 2015 as a freshman at the University of Toulon. As he turned his passion for shoes into a side hustle, Steven took full advantage of the marketing skills he was learning during the day. Starting with a single pair of shoes, Yeezys and other desirable footwear would become big business for Steven, thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram.

Expanded sneaker knowledge

While Steven was busy turning a simple sneaker business into something big through aggressive social media marketing, another technology was rapidly taking shape in the world of finance – cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, the blockchain.

In 2015, when he got into selling sneakers, Steven noted that the sneaker business had two groups of people:

  1. Those who bought and resold shoes like him.
  2. People who bought his pairs to wear or collect.

For over 7 years, Steven Deneve has positioned himself in the influencer space to ensure his own success in the business. He started the company “MyChoose” (a play on “my shoes”) @my_choose_mc, now based in Monaco, mainly through his Instagram account, creating a network of fellow professional shopkeepers and shoe fans.

He quickly realized that if you could figure out which sneaker was going to be hot and how to spot the fake ones, then nothing could stop you from building a successful business. Steven has built @my_choose_mc into a resource for both key segments providing information on the best shoes with the greatest value potential, and with them, how to confirm that you are buying the real thing.

The Creation of the Sneaker Coin

The expanded knowledge in the sneaker industry came in handy for Steven as he ventured into the rapidly growing crypto and blockchain tech space. He noted that many resale companies have taken advantage of the sneaker boom to make profitable exchanges. However, there was the problem of counterfeits which came with extremely low prices, thus affecting profitability.

Steven has teamed up with a few enthusiastic partners to create a unique system, Sneakers Coin, which is set to revolutionize the world of sneaker business. Built on immutable blockchain technology, Sneakers Coin was created to help eliminate counterfeits and help customers and sellers interact directly with each other without involving middlemen. To eliminate counterfeits, a buyer would be able to follow a sneaker’s journey from the factory to the last retailer. To bring down the cost of the transaction, Sneakers Coin would cut out middlemen who inevitably make the cost of sneakers too expensive for consumers. Above all, transactions between buyers and sellers are supported by secure blockchain technology.

To advance

By venturing into the crypto and blockchain space, Steven is looking to expand his business into the wider fashion industry. From the trend, it’s hard not to believe his belief that “blockchain technology is going to be the ultimate savior of the fashion industry” – hence the strong prospect of Sneakers Coin. Whatever Steven Deneve does, this young entrepreneur always puts his will behind him to ensure success, and we can already see Sneakers Coin making waves in the crypto market.

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