Phil Knight Net Worth: The strengths of the co-founder of Nike

Phil Knight, the king of the shoe-making industry, holds a net fortune but is considered empty inside. Phil is declared 41st richest person in the world at the age of 83. He is the co-founder and ex-CEO of Nike. He also owns a Laika production company. Phil was an athlete himself, so he had a perfect idea of ​​what an athlete needs to run smoothly. So he and his college comrades laid the groundwork for a running team named Athletic West. He completed his graduate studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He then trained as an athlete at the University of Oregon, under the supervision of his mentor Bill Bowerman, with whom he co-founded Nike.

Shortly after graduating from the University of Oregon, Phil volunteered in the Army and served his nation for one year in active duty and seven years in the Army Reserve. He then joined the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Phil wrote an article titled “Can Japanese sneakers do to German sneakers what Japanese cameras did to German cameras?”

Nike co-founder Phil Knight is the 41st richest person in the world. (Credits: CNBC)

Its aim was to import high quality and low cost operating shoes from Japan to the US market. He received his Masters in Business Administration from Stanford in 1962.

How did Phil Knight become a business mogul and shoe-making king?

The first Tiger units would take over a year to be exported to Knight. During this time, he was offered an analyst position in Portland. When Knight finally accepted the shoe samples, he sent Bowerman two pairs at the University of Oregon, hoping to get both a sale and an influential endorsement. To Phil’s surprise, Bowerman placed an order for the Tiger shoes and offered to partner with Phil and provide product design ideas. The two admitted a handshake partnership on January 25, 1964, the birth date of Blue Ribbon Sports, which would later become Nike.

Knight’s first offerings were made from a now legendary Plymouth Valiant green automobile at track and field meets across the Pacific Northwest. In 1969, these early sales saw Knight quit his job as an accountant and work full time for Blue Ribbon Sports. Jeff Johnson, Nike’s first employee, recommended calling the company “Nike”, named after the Greek flying goddess of victory, and Blue Ribbon Sports consequently renamed Nike in 1978.

Nike’s “swoosh” logo, now considered one of the most expensive logos in the world, was approved for $ 35 by graphic design student Carolyn Davidson in 1971. According to Nike’s website, Phil said in one of his interviews: “he didn’t like it, but it will develop on him. In 1983, Davidson received an undisclosed sum of Nike stock to donate to the company’s brand. In 2011, on the Oprah TV show, Knight said he gave Davidson “a few hundred shares” when the company went public.

Phil Knight Production House “Laik”

In the 1990s, Phil invested in another successful production business. Initially, Phil had 15% shares in Will Vinton’s productions, but later bought the company due to mismanagement and dysfunction. Phil and his son Travis both ran the business collectively. After Phil bought the production house, he renamed it Laik. In 2204, when Phil’s other son, Matthew, went to town to shoot a charity video.

Phil Knight Net Worth

Phil Knight said: “Just do it”

Along the way, he and his friends decided to go scuba diving. But unfortunately, while Matthew was underwater, he had a heart attack and he couldn’t survive it. That same year, Phil resigned as CEO of Nike. Phil wrote in his memoir that he could be rich and be successful. But without his son Matthew, he’s empty inside.

Phil Knight Net Worth

Phill Knight is worth $ 50 billion. He is one of the 50 richest people in the world. He owns two leading companies and holds royalties on the two best-selling books to date. Phil’s estimated salary is $ 2 million. The revenue generated by Nike itself is $ 150 billion. He donated $ 500 million to Stanford Business School to fund the dreams of all young entrepreneurs who make their dreams come true.

Phil had the ability to make a valuable addition to turn his $ 500 Thunder investment into a billion dollar business. He’s not just a billionaire. But he is also a philanthropist. He gives money to make other people’s dreams come true. He owns a $ 65 million private jet and $ 12 billion in property. Phil Knight is king, rich. But nothing more important than a billion dollars is the Nike company he created.

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