Ocean County NJ Shoprites Sold

We are creatures of habit. Once we get into our routines, we like to stick to them.

If Shoprite is part of your life, things are about to change dramatically.

Did you know that the Shoprites in the area are operated by two different owners?

The Perlmutter family have owned Shoprites for almost 75 years.

They operate seven stores in Ocean County.

Fun fact, he’s the Shoprite that a very young Matt Ryan got his first job at when he was 14.

The other Shoprites are from the Saker family.

In total, they operate 32 grocery stores and are in the process of adding seven to their portfolio.

The Asbury Park Press obtained a screenshot of a letter sent to Perlmutter Shoprite employees.

In that letter, the Perlmutter family said it was time to retire and negotiations were underway for Saker Shoprite to acquire the seven Shoprites of Toms River, Berkley, Jackson, Lacey, Stafford, Manchester and Waretown.

The transaction closed in mid-December and the transfer of ownership is complete.

So what does this mean for employees?

The union covers them.

A local has expressed enthusiasm for the new owner.

Saker stores tend to be larger, have later opening hours, and a better preset selection.

Saker owns Dearborn Market in Holmdel. A lot of their baked goods and ready meals come direct from Dearborn, which is a big plus.

How will this change your shopping experience?

It’s too early to tell, but the Saker Shoprites are excellent.

Thank you to the Perlmutter family for all of their years of service to the community.

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