Hudson Valley Store Selling The Classic Trapper


A store in the Hudson Valley lets you party like it did in 1985.

You don’t even need a DeLorean to step back in time these days. All you need is a business so desperate for money that they will do anything to feed your nostalgia addiction.

I’m writing this at the risk of sounding like a complete dinosaur, but I’m old enough to remember lugging around a backpack full of papers, shirts, erasers, and even a huge pencil case. My parents made me walk to the bus stop everyday with a bag that weighed 3 times my size.

How do you stay organized with all these supplies? Many children used old binders with 3 plain rings. Sometimes you even had to use the one you kept your baseball cards in. We had to be resourceful. Nice kids went for a walk with a trapper. I was not a cool kid. I know this can be hard to believe.

Now that I’ve grown up and have my own money, I can spend it on stupid things like this to try and relive my childhood memories. Nostalgia is a powerful drug. I’m all for coming back to fond memories, but at no point does my highlight involve a classroom.

Maybe I’m just bitter because my parents didn’t buy me a trapper when I was a kid.

Whether you have one or not, you can buy one now in 2021. Isn’t that crazy? I know the kids will be buying school supplies soon. I’m not sure how a kid would need them when everything went digital, but they are available at WalMart in Fishkill.

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