Floating shoe display and its optical flow with computer vision

Digitalzakka offers a revolutionary and breathtaking floating shoe display, innovatively designed using the latest technology.

Technology has worked wonders in almost every business and has undoubtedly been a great source of creativity and innovation in every field. It can help transform even the most specific product into a revolutionary product with an exceptional design.

Digitalzakka offers a revolutionary product with an exquisite design, the “floating shoe rack”. The floating shoe display is calculated by electromagnetic levitation technology and float technology. The floating shoe display allows the user to display shoes in a way never seen before – floating. Its avant-garde design and the perfect use of state-of-the-art technology make this product unique!

A floating shoe rack is an innovative invention and an ultimate choice for all shoe lovers, shoe store owners and all sneaker enthusiasts. This uniquely designed product can help display shoes in exhibitions, trade shows, shoe stores and even at home.

When launching a new product, Outlet stores can display this sparkling booth and give an alluring look to their outlet. Imagine displaying the shoe collection at a collector’s exhibition in a flawless floating perspective like this would be another unparalleled experience. You can also use it for yourself and prove to the world in an innovative way that shoes are not made to be hidden.

The innovatively designed floating shoe rack would add an aesthetic sight to the store and help convert brand visitors into customers. It would be unfair to hide an expensive pair of shoes in a shoebox, which is supposed to be displayed in a fantastic floating shoe rack like this. The floating shoe rack has built-in white LED lights that highlight the design of the shoe and make it stand out. These studio lights would add value to the ambience of the store and give a distinctive and elegant look, mainly when used in the evening. The unique 360 ​​degree rotation feature, an implicit fan uses a small air opening to keep the shoe spinning so it can float forever, giving viewers a full view of the shoe in an exceptional way. This fantastic high-tech contraption adds beauty to the product and becomes the eye-catching point for every person passing by the store.

Levitating sneaker shoe rack fits up to an estimated size 13 US shoe. The internal level of the presentation stand is 350 mm, and its carrying limit is 350-550 grams. It can derive from shoes including sneakers, high heels, children’s shoes, etc.

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