Easy On Me star’s oxblood coat

It will come as no surprise that Adele, one of the world’s most universally adored figures in popular culture, has caused a sensation in the fashion world since returning to the limelight in recent weeks.

Not only was there * that * British Vogue cover – which marked the first time a star had appeared on the cover of both the UK and US versions of the magazine simultaneously, but there was also * that * nighttime court appearance with partner Rich Paul she wore her head for -toe- Louis Vuitton toe no less and, of course, there was * this * video for his comeback single, Easy on me.

It wouldn’t be Adele after all, if it weren’t for a moody and melancholy video to coincide with the launch of her single, and that’s precisely what the Tottenham-born star delivered in all filtered glory. in sepia. But it wasn’t just her melodic voice or gravity-defying hair that got the internet going, but also the ensemble she wore for the video.

Wearing custom Lanvin from head to toe, Adele made the strongest case for a PVC trench coat we’ve ever seen. But far from being an old trench coat, Adele’s was oxblood, a color that marries the best of burgundy and black in a shade that gives a pop of color without looking out of place in the insulating range that fall wardrobes include. .

In fact, Adele herself looked like an autumn leaf embodied in the video, mirroring the burgundy tonal undertones of a fallen leaf. And really, what could be better than being as beautiful as Adele by adopting the best of fall fashion? Frankly, nothing. So we’ve rounded up the best oxblood trench coats to inject a touch of fall color into your wardrobes. You’re welcome.

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