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Through, Lauren Raziano, Social media editor

Caroline King is the queen of fashion sense. A junior double major in History and International Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies, she draws inspiration from the fashion of 90s celebrities and local Instagram influencers. Her style has definitely changed from her Lily Pulitzer school days in Scranton, PA to a platform shoe, jewelry wearing students in New York City.

The Quadrangle: How would you describe your fashion sense?

Caroline Roi: I try to find inspiration for a lot of what I wear in the 90s, models or actresses from the 90s and also alternative music culture, a lot of music I would say.

TQ: Who have you looked for fashion inspiration recently?

CK: I feel like everyone right now is obsessed with, not even so much Emma Chamberlain’s clothes as her vibe like what she’s doing right now. I think she’s so cool and so relatable. I also love Emma Chamberlain, I love Bella Hadid, I really love the 90s Drew Barrymore style and Winona Ryder. Also Ruby @Rubylyn_ on Instagram. She’s like an influencer who lives in the city. She recently had a follow on Instagram but I take a lot of inspiration from her clothes, I think she is so cool.

The Converse is a staple in King’s wardrobe. “Any type of platform, Converse and Doc Martens. I have the impression that if you wear platform shoes, your outfits are automatically 10 times better. CAROLINE KING / COURTESY

TQ: Do you think your style has changed since you attended Manhattan College?

CK: A lot. In high school I certainly didn’t really know what I wanted to wear and in college I had my preppy scene, like Lilly Pulitzer, but I feel like everyone has been there around 2015. When I’m arrived at school in New York and in my forties, I feel like I finally found what I wanted to wear. I get a lot of inspiration for what I want to wear from my friends to see people in the city street style. I changed a lot of the music that I listened to and it definitely changed the way I dress. It was definitely a long way to figure out how I want to dress now, but now that I feel like I am. I used to say that to my sisters when we were going on vacation this summer – every trip I packed my bags for, it was so easy because all the pants I have now match all my shirts, so that’s a interchangeable wardrobe and I feel like everything is who I want to be.

TQ: What is a basic item of clothing in your wardrobe?

CK: A black miniskirt. I wear it four times a week. I think everyone needs a pair of Levi’s that fit perfectly, which is my favorite all over the world. A good baby t-shirt that looks great on you. I love graphic tees, they go with everything, go with jeans or they can go with a miniskirt and platforms. Any kind of platform, Converse and Doc Martens. I have the impression that if you wear platform shoes, your outfits are automatically 10 times better.

TQ: What is your favorite accessory?

CK: My jewelry, of course. I always wear a bunch of different necklaces and my rings. I wear a lot of rings and my padlock earrings. I am not a big handbag or really in the belts. I would say my rings, and especially my necklaces. I always like to layer them.

TQ: What are your favorite places to shop for items? Where do you like to shop?

CK: So most of my stuff comes from thrift stores. I actually hate to save money in New York because it’s so expensive. I’ll go to the Salvation Army or Goodwill in Scranton and the Levi’s are $ 4 and then I come here and I go to Brooklyn and they’re $ 150…, my Levi’s, it’s all there. But sometimes I also like the depop if I’m looking for a designer and high-end object. It’s bad but I love Brandy Melville T-shirts. They are doing so well, and I know they are horrible, but every once in a while I just have to give in and buy a t-shirt or skirt from there because they are doing so well.

King poses with his pink wedge shoes paired with skull tights and black and white clothing. CAROLINE KING / COURTESY

TQ: What advice do you have for people who want to explore with their style?

CK: It can be nerve-racking to wear what you want, or to wear something that you think not many people will find really cute or that some people might find ugly, but if you love it why not wear it? I’ve definitely worn some questionable outfits, but if I like it I’m happy to go out, and that’s me so I’m going to wear it. When I dress, I feel like my clothes say more about who I am. They speak before me. When I walk into a room, my clothes feature the person I’m in front of, like I say my name. I feel like it can really communicate who you are. That’s why I think figuring out how you want to dress, being proud of it is so important because it’s the first thing people see when you walk into a room… Don’t buy into the trends, because you are. regret, at least in my personal experience. I would say go for more timeless pieces like solid ones to start with. Then start shopping for extra pieces, so I would start with plain basic jeans, solid mini skirts, simpler tees, and black dresses with simple silhouettes. And then you could start to branch out and find pieces that match what you feel like it matches your personal style.

TQ: Would you like to add anything on your style influences?

CK: My friends inspire me a lot. My friend Trey now works in a few thrift stores in Brooklyn and he has pop-up shops and he is always equipped, always so fresh. Same with my friend Chris, and my friend Jackson, it inspires me so much. when i go hang out with them i say to myself “oh i have to put on a good outfit” because i know they are going to be really beautiful so they always inspire me to keep upping my style and keep trying new things.

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