At $ 7,800, could this 1993 Lexus SC400 be a coupe to covet?


Good price or no dice 1993 Lexus SC400

Most Lexus SC classifieds tout the model’s Supra heritage because these are so hot right now. The announcement for today Good price or no dice SC400 is a notable exception to this practice. Let’s see if the the price is just as remarkable.

I think that Iit’s pretty sure to say the 1982 Maserati Quattroporte we watched on Friday was a car that made a big impression. He was great both in size and in presence and wore a coat of lush brown paint and featured a cabin filled with fine leather. Unfortunately, age had taken its toll on these two larger than life aspects, getting out of the car with a failing clear coating that marks the exterior and part of that leather interior looking at as if it could were best left on the cow. It all added up to a claim for $ 5,200 for a Maserati, and it was good enough to score a 54% victory at Nice Price.

Friday’s Maserati was an example of old-fashioned luxury. Today’s Quattroporte might be a bit bigger, but it’s also noticeably sportier, with sport buckets and a large central screen instead of over-padded seats and heather wood trim.

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The current luxury car market hasn’t changed much over the past two decades, but luxury and equipment that luxury cars offer certainly have. When he was new, this 1993 Lexus SC400 has been given pretty much all the bells and whistles Toyota could throw at him. It was, after all, the halo cut from the of the company Lexus luxury brand. Compared to the current LC, however, it is a stripper. In many ways, however, it might just be a good thing.

First and foremost, this old school SC is much simpler than any modern car. That being said, behind the wheel probably won’t feeling like riding with Fred and Barney in the Flintmobile. This sleek coupe offers all the power, automatic air conditioning, cruising speed, and an automatic transmission. It is also fitted with leather on the seats and each of the touch surfaces. and has beautiful wood inside in case of an event you still need to start a fire.

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Speaking of fire, there’s plenty of it under the hood. Worthy of the digital portion of its name, the car comes with a 4.0-liter V8. It’s good for a no fuss 250 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. The four-speed auto allows this to be quickly distributed to the rear wheels and has a button to lock the overdrive if you are the type to not leave it alone enough. Yes, this model does to share its underwear with the contemporary Supra, but the cars are light years apart when it comes to suspension tuning and overall feel.

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As this is a coupe, the doors are particularly long to allow access to the buckets in the back. These doors don’t take an excessive amount of space to open, however. This is because of the clever articulated hinges that Lexus provided to the car. Those let the door openslightly forward when opening, decreasing the arc and the space they occupy. I don’t think Lexus gives anything like that to its current coupes.

Overall, this 149,000 mile SC400 appears to be in excellent shape. The seller classifies it as in “Excellent condition” and claims that he has lived a past life inside when not in use. There is a small but noticeable ding above the driver’s door handle, but the car looks otherwise upright. One problem that plagues the SC is the yellowing of the headlight lenses, but on this car, they or they look crisp and clear. The same goes for wheels that do not show any rash or significant wear to the plastic center caps.

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Inside, the story is pretty much the same, with leather that seems to have held up well and floor mats with no heel wear. The styling of the interior has also aged very well, although this is a Camry a bit more upscale than Mercedes in execution.

Photos under the hood show an engine with no obvious signs of monkey activity, but also no sign of a sticker indicating timing belt service. Usually, mechanics put a small sticker on the inner fender or radiator bracket noting the date and mileage for this important service. This does not mean that it is a universal practice (what it should be) and it is unlikely that it would have been documented in this way had the service been performed at a Lexus dealership. Needless to say, the story should be mentioned by any potential buyer prior to purchase.

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One final area where the simplicity of this old SC benefits over a modern Lexus is price. The current top of the range coupe – the LC – starts just under one hundred thousand. That’s a lot of money for even a very nice car. At $ 7,800, this clear-titled coupe costs less than a tenth the price of the new car, even with the option addition of a timing belt service. The question for all of you is whether that makes it a good deal.

What are you saying, is this classic Lexus coupe worth the asking $ 7,800 as featured in the ad? Or does that price make this SC400 not too cool for the old school?

You decide!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Craigslist, where to go here if the ad disappears.

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