34 outfits the Slayer and her friends killed

Although Buffy The Vampire Slayer is set in Sunnydale, referred to in the pilot episode by Cordelia as “one Starbucks Town,” its monster-fighting townspeople manage to maintain a late 90s / Y2K wardrobe that would compel Depop girls today to sacrifice their firstborn child to be with a chance to own it. Buffy aired during a time of fashion change – the evolution of the 90s around the turn of the millennium, and then ended in the early 2000s. Around this time, the characters were moving from teenage to young adulthood, and As trends changed, so did the maturity of their appearance. Here’s a recap of some of Buffy’s best fashion moments that prove vampires and demons weren’t the only thing the show spent seven years killing.

1. Pre-Slayer chic

Taken from a flashback to the Buffy Summers days of 1995, just before she was called the Slayer and transferred to Sunnydale, this cute vibe is Buffy like the most popular girl in school she was. Vibrant color, cute print and one-shoulder hair? Immaculate. Completed with the perfect accessory: a pacifier.

2. Willow’s fuzzy sweater

best Buffy fashion moments

An iconic look from the even more iconic episode of Doppelgangland, the Willow fuzzy sweater is here to represent Rosenberg’s debut in its cutest to add even more contrast to Vamp Willow’s fetish vibes. The white tights, the flowery skirt and the most itchy sweater in the world? Superb.

3. The fetish of the vampire Willow

One of Buffy’s best and most famous fashion moments comes in the form of this sticky, shiny, latex, leather and lace gothic masterpiece that Vamp Willow brings from the Wishverse. Immaculate. The black nail polish is the supreme gem.

4. Faith’s gym and leather combo

Buffy's best fashion moments

Faith’s wardrobe was nothing short of killer around every turn, but it’s that hoodie and leathers combo that has strangled me for 20 years. So wrong but so true?

5. School girls

best Buffy fashion moments

I’ve always loved the school day contrast between Buffy and Willow’s wardrobes. It’s well on display here, with Buffy looking ready for a change in the office (but in a chic x way) with her matching cami / cardi combo and Willow looking like a college vibe.

6. Cordelia’s ball gown

best Buffy fashion moments

Cordelia Chase never sets foot in fashion, but she walked into this prom like it was the Met Gala and honestly, I never got over the glamor and the flair.

7. Simple ’00s vibe

best Buffy fashion moments

This low-key little season seven fashion moment deserves some hype for the cold lace vibes and the fact that jeans don’t have a size. Iconic.

8. Cordelia’s Revenge

best Buffy fashion moments

After catching Alex cheating on her, Queen Cordy shows up at school with the most ridiculous yet legendary look in the world. The fact that she’s sitting in math class in this two-piece snakeskin set gives me goosebumps.

9. Buffy’s tie-dye crop top

best Buffy fashion moments

A stone cold classic. Depop Girls are honestly frothy on the palate. PERFECT COLOR.

10. Season five gang vibe

best Buffy fashion moments

Everyone has their own thing. Buffy still kills him in his red leather, Alex with his penchant for wacky shirts, Willow in his earthy era, Riley a permanent frat boy, and Anya the QUEEN in a suspender dress.

11. Sister sister

Dawn channels a first Willow vibe here, and Buffy is a full 2000s girl. The two kill him. Summer women always do! Many thanks to Joyce in leopard print.

12. See above, but with GLASSES

The addition of sunglasses honestly turns Buffy into Britney.

13. Tara becomes a full-fledged art teacher

Tara’s modes on Buffy are cohesive – earthy, Wiccan vibes with lots of neutral tones. This is Tara’s manual. Essential Tara.


Legendary look from the first season of The Puppet Show. Tall go-go boots, a TINY leopard print dress and a classic Buffy leather jacket? Hair in a BIG pony? Untouchable. Without a doubt one of the best Buffy fashion moments EVER.


best Buffy fashion moments

Go out and fight vampires with a cozy little hat with a bomb written on it? It’s Buffy’s way, baby.

16. Long sleeveless dress

Buffy’s cheek wearing this vest as a dress is admirable, especially in a school setting, but she looks like a rock star that she’s doing like no one else could.

17. 70s vibe

best Buffy fashion moments

No one rocks a ’70s moment like Willow Rosenberg. Buffy keeps it muted but still absolutely kills in the wide leg pants and round toe boots.

18. Tommy !!!

If there was one item of clothing in all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I would do anything to own, it would be this Tommy Hilfiger turtleneck that Cordelia wears at The Bronze. I would pay HUNDREDS for that.

19. Buffy’s slow-mo coat

One of the most iconic looks of all time, thanks to Buffy’s slow run during the heyday of Becoming part one. A shimmering cyan trench coat with white buttons is the highlight of Buffy’s dramatic wardrobe.

20. Cordelia’s cute moment

best Buffy fashion moments

A simple yet super cute look from Cordy. The relaxed atmosphere of the tee-shirt with the girly pleated skirt? Absolute atmosphere.

21. Witch icons

Big fan of this time when Willow and Tara ended up dressing the same way. Tara had a good influence on Willow’s wardrobe. The best couple in Buffy’s history without a shadow of a doubt, and here they also prove to be the best dressed couple.

22. More atmospheres from the 70s

Could the jeans be bluer? Paradise. I love the cream and blue combo and the way the cream continues into the world’s most useless belt.

23. The paradise of western jackets

best Buffy fashion moments

You’d be hard pressed to find a better November set than this one. The turtleneck under this stunning vibe of studded western suede is impeccable.

24. We have to talk about Willow and Tara in Once More, With Feeling

There’s been a lot of talk about Tara’s fairytale look she wears in Once More, With Feeling – and it doesn’t matter whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny it’s iconic. . As a child I found it confusing, as an adult I think it’s legendary. Equally iconic is Willow’s forest-print pink floor length.

25. Buffy’s ball gown

best Buffy fashion moments

Without a doubt, one of the Slayer’s best fashion moments on Buffy is her ball gown. Chic, avant-garde, ready for the parades. It is timeless and has aged like a fine wine despite its debut in 1999.

26. Preppy chic

Cordelia always breaks the preppy look, and it’s one of the best she’s ever done. Such private school vibes. This skirt !

27. Bandana Buffy

Everything about this simple Buffy look is correct. The bandana is the perfect scene stealer, but the cropped leather jacket fits her so perfectly it looks like it was tailor-made for her body.

28. Bandana print skirt

On Buffy’s first trip inside The Initiative, she pairs leather with this striking midi skirt in a bandana print that perfectly sums up the fashion around the year 2000. I LOVE IT.

29. Beige trench coat

I have no idea where Buffy Summers stores all of her leather coats, but I don’t care about the logistics, just marvel at the beauty of couture chic.

30. Queens of the campus

I love how much these outfits show character growth. Willow comes to college and fits in perfectly – cool sneakers with skirts and a chic new hairstyle. Rosenberg high. Buffy isn’t sure of herself in a new environment but always creates a cute girly summer look. Classic.

31. Look, I had to

The bridesmaid dresses that Buffy, Tara, Willow, Dawn, and Halfrek have to wear for Anya’s wedding are from hell, but my GOD they are iconic.

32. The butterfly ‘Rabbits’

Anya always wears a perfectly chic retail-ready ensemble, and the butterfly winged top is one for the history books.

33. Daughter of prophecy!

Beyond the iconic. The dress for the dance with the leather jacket and the crossbow? There’s a reason this pic is so symbolic with everything Buffy stands for. Shout at Sarah Michelle Gellar still wears it on Insta all these years later! This is without a doubt one of the best fashion moments ever seen on Buffy.

34. YOU outfit

The most culturally significant outfit ever assembled in the history of the human race

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